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Chapels and small churches are a big deal in Santorini. There are loads of them around here and that means you have a lot to choose from when deciding on your wedding venue.

Really you have the choice of having your wedding ceremony in churches of all shapes and sizes — you can go for a very intimate setting in a chapel not larger than the average Greek living room or you can exchange vows in a grand church. It really depends on what type of ceremony you’re going for. All in all, there are around 600 churches and chapels in Santorini alone (not to mention the neighbouring islands). Most of them are the traditional kind and in the traditional Cyclades architecture (my previous posts on architecture can be found here and here). There is a small catch though – not all of the chapels are public. There is a tradition to have a family chapel on the island; however, Greeks are welcoming bunch and the chances are that you could arrange your ceremony there anyways. :)

Whatever location you choose just be positive — enter the chapel, have a look around and talk to the people there. I guarantee that all of them will feel honoured for a chance to take part in the most special day of your life.

You might be interested in reading some more on Greek weddings, here are some links to my previous posts on Greek wedding gowns and two posts on Greek wedding traditions here and here.

Enjoy life and see you in Santorini :).

Santorini churches Blue church dooms Santorini view Blue church dooms Blue church dooms

Photography by Anna Sulte, Santorini, Greece based photographer. 2014.

Few more shots of Santorini churches here.


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