A little bit about Firostefani village

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A little bit about Firostefani village in Greek island of Santorini.

Finally storms are over! :)

Yestarday I met Eddy and Judy in the Firostefani village, one of my favorite villages, because it has same spectacular view, but it is quiet, not like its neigbor town Fira. In Fira you can go for a shopping, but Firostefani is for a peaceful walk to enjoy the Caldera view. Firostefani is between Fira and Imerovigli, one of the spots with the best view on the island. Even if officially considerated as a distinct village, Firostefani is the continuation of Fira. A quiet village, which is mostly constituted of hotels, traditional houses, villas, studios and rooms.

Firostefani, Santorini, Greece.
Firostefani, Thira, Greece.

Photos by Santorini portrait photographer Anna Shulte. June 2014.

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