Behind the scenes video from a photo session in Santorini

A million thank you’s to photographer Alex who made a “behind the scenes” video for me. Just a little insight into a photo shoot on the streets of Santorini island, Greece.

Thank you to my amazing couple Adam and Danielle for such a pleasant evening.

Credit to Alex:



Santorini honeymoon photographer Anna Sulte

Top spots to watch the Santorini sunset

Top spots to watch the Santorini sunset


Sunsets in Santorini are a big deal. When the time comes, everyone heads out to their secret spot to watch the sun slide into the Aegean Sea. And it’s totally understandable – the island envelops in the magical golden hour light and it’s truly magical.


Of course, it is beautiful on any corner of the island, but some spots are more beautiful than others in this time. And today is your lucky day, because I have some to share :) Here’s some Santorini sunset spots that I often use for photographing or just chilling with some good wine:


  • Amoudi bay
  • Santo Wines
  • Church of Prophet Ilias in Imerovigli
  • Akrotiri light house


If you have the time, why not stop by a new place every evening? Start with these and you won’t be disappointed for sure. Just type this in your favorite navigation device and head on an adventure! As for things to do, some like to do a small picnic, others bring a bottle of wine and that special other (and a camera of course).


The kinds of sunsets here make you appreciate the people you are sharing them with. Because that is what truly matters.


The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile

The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile


This small island in the Aegean Sea could be the most Instagramable place on earth – there are small alleys, white church domes, cliffs and lots of other picturesque places and small details literally everywhere you go. But some places are true gems, and today you get the insider knowledge on where to head to take your Instagram game to the next level!


Red Beach

The Red Beach of Santorini is the perfect place for your laid back exploring shots while getting your tan on. This is a volcanic island and the red color of the sand is the proof for it – the red sand is literally formed from the elements remaining from the volcanic eruptions that formed the whole island, how cool is that!?


Oia Blue Domes and Oia crosses

The Oia church domes and the cross are among the most essential Santorini views. The traditional cathedral has nice views and the essential Santorini architecture look. The most daring even go up to the cross – be careful, this is more dangerous than it looks. The best time to arrive is early afternoon, when there’s not so many people around.


Oia Castle

This place is usually crowded in sunsets, and it’s for a good reason! The views from there are majestic. Here’s a pro Instagram tip – instead of lining up with hordes of tourists, get up nice and early and go for the sunrise, it’s even more beautiful!


Santorini Doors

Keep an eye out for the unique doors all over the island. It’s a great opportunity to frame portraits and get creative. The best thing is that there are hundreds of them and you can discover new ones every day! Watch these types of details and you’ll be amazed of the little things.


Other honorable mentions

There are many other really good Santorini Instagram spots, here’s a small rundown of the remaining essential ones: Amoudi Bay, Imerovigli steps and of course the wonderful small streets of Eborio or Pyrgos. These are some of the top places, but I encourage you to stay curious and look around everywhere you go in Santorini, there are hidden unknown gems everywhere – I live here and I never run out of things to photograph :)


Photos by Anna Sulte, photographer based in Santorini


Some of the best brunch spots in Santorini

Some of the best brunch spots in Santorini


Brunch – the ultimate holiday meal. Choosing the right place for this is a big deal. So here’s a fast rundown of some of the best places you might consider when looking for a relaxed brunch in Santorini!


Terra Nera

Agios Georgios, Perivolos 84703, Greece

Coffee and grill house – what could be more suitable for a filling brunch!? Combined with the Aegean sea side this is for sure one of the top places to head!


Cafe Galini

Hotel Galini, Firostefani 84700, Greece

Nice minimalistic Greek interior,  bright and cozy – try the pancakes, they’re awesome! And of course, beautiful views for dessert!


FlyAway Creative Restaurant &Bar

Eparchiaki Odos Firon – Ias | West East Suites, Imerovigli 84700, Greece

Creatively served excellent food with the backdrop of an amazing view on a glass terrace with infinity pools. Very dreamy if you manage to get a table outside and the weather is in your favour.


Kantouni Traditional delicacies

Central Square, Pyrgos 847 00, Greece

More down to earth and serving mostly very traditional simple Greek food – but it’s finger licking good! Also a good place if you’re looking to save some money but still get a great meal.



Leoforos Megalou Alexandrou, Kamari 847 00, Greece

Lot’s of healthy and fresh foods – juices, salads etc. People say this is still one of the best spots to go for dessert :)


Some other spots that won’t disappoint

Google these if you’re looking for more options – Santa Irini Bakery in Perissa, Pelican Kipos in Fira, Brusco Wine Coffee Deli  in Pyrgos, ”Chocolat” Creperie – Pasteria – Cafe  in Perissa

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next great meal. Who knows, maybe we meet there! :)


Santorini photographer Anna Sulte


Double photo shoot in Santorini

Double photo date in Santorini


I feel like every time I meet these couples I learn something new. :) This time it was a double date of two best friends – Jennifer and Nina – and their husbands – Michael and Khalil. This whole Santorini photo shoot trip was in great part because Jennifer wanted some photos with her best friend and husband :) And it’s really an honor that they chose me as their photographer.

I hope the images convey at least a part of the huge amounts of love and joy in the air that day. I can honestly say I had a blast.

All the best and hope to see you for some other birthday shoot in future! :)

Best friends photo session in Santorini by photographer Anna Sulte

Photo shoot with couple from Puerto Rico-Sandra and Ervin

From Puerto Rico to Santorini – Sandra and Ervin

This couple had traveled, for their one year anniversary, all the way from a totally different island on another part of the world – Puerto Rico. Santorini welcomed them with quite the wind. It did not hinder their brilliance though.

We accepted the challenge that Santorini threw at us and went out for a full day of shooting regardless. Yes, it might have taken a bit more shots and walking around, but this helped us really concentrate on the best moments that showed this unique couple at their best. :)

Seconds after meeting them, it was clear for me that this couple shares a special bond. Then my task was to try and capture it (or at least some part of it) in the images we took that day. I was very glad that we could make this happen – as a celebration for our success and hard work, Santorini gave us the most marvelous and majestic sunset.

Photo shoot by Santorini located photographer Anna Sulte



            We’ve all been there – coming back from a trip to realise that you have missed out on some great opportunities when you where there. You open up Facebook and suddenly discover that there was this great hiking tour on your destination that your friends have enjoyed etc. etc… today I thought I might save you from this and share some of the things that most often get overlooked while visiting the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece!

            Many couples usually come to the island for romantic adventures – walking, enjoying sunsets and romantic dinners… which is absolutely wonderful and fine, but many times they somehow miss all the other opportunities for adventure dates. For example, you might go diving with your loved one and explore the underwater wonders that this Greek island has to offer – there’s really nothing similar to floating in the crystal clear water and exploring all the fishes and corrals! If you prefer staying on top of the water and not under it, you might enjoy one of the many boat rides that offer to have a different view of all the small villages of the island and have a sea adventure!

            These are the two most often overlooked adventure opportunities in Santorini, Greece, but, of course you always have to keep your eyes open! Start by doing some research before your trip (and make a list of the things you really want to do), but you should always be ready to take spontaneous decisions when you have new opportunities!

Read more tips about Santorini holiday here.


Santorini photographer Anna Sulte 2017




This adventure began with the kindest words any photographer could receive. Melorie and Michael were going to have an intimate wedding vow exchange here in Santorini and wrote Both of our families have been all over your website, telling us how beautiful your photos are! They are so excited that you are taking the photos! It makes them feel better about not going with us. Well, after this I knew I had to put all my effort in. Just the kind of thing I’m working for – saving precious moments and memories for relatives, couples and the generations to come. It was really an honor to be chosen to be a part of this special moment.

Before the big day, they also wanted to explore the island and get some photographs out of it. Could not be more perfect. They were really excited about two locations in particular – Oia Village & the Skaros Rocks. Not only was this a good way to relax and get to know each other a bit, the images turned out great!

Our adventure began next to their hotel Alta Mare. After a short conversation it was clear that this couple has a special creative spark and I had the feeling that this is going to be a great. We had a small walk in Oia and then headed to take some first look shots on this gorgeous balcony. Then it was time to visit the Scaros Rock and have some other shots along the way.

Then they saw the spot, it was like an instant connection – they knew they wanted to exchange their vows at this exact spot. So they did. And I had the joy and responsibility of capturing it. Only wind, mountains, nature and the two of them. It was magical.

santorini-photographer-post-wedding-prewedding-photo-shoot-session-vow-exchange-003 santorini-first-look-vow-exchange-destination-elopment-greece-001 santorini-first-look-vow-exchange-destination-elopment-greece-002 santorini-first-look-vow-exchange-destination-elopment-greece-004 santorini-first-look-vow-exchange-destination-elopment-greece-005 santorini-vow-exchange-destination-elope-intimate-wedding-greece-002 santorini-vow-exchange-destination-elope-intimate-wedding-greece-005 santorini-vow-exchange-destination-elope-intimate-wedding-greece-006 santorini-vow-exchange-destination-elope-intimate-wedding-greece-001 santorini-photographer-post-wedding-prewedding-photo-shoot-session-vow-exchange-001 santorini-photographer-post-wedding-prewedding-photo-shoot-session-vow-exchange-007 santorini-photographer-post-wedding-prewedding-photo-shoot-session-vow-exchange-004 santorini-photographer-post-wedding-prewedding-photo-shoot-session-vow-exchange-006


Santorini photographer Anna Sulte. Elopment and post wedding photo shoot



            Have I already told you that Santorini is a fantastic place? Many film directors seem to think the same – that is why this small Greek island has already shown off some of its looks in a couple of films. Maybe you have already seen a part of this island and just have not noticed it? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect film to get you into the sunny Greek mood before your trip? Take a look at this list!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

This is probably the most popular films in which you can see the classic Caldera and small Greek houses that are enjoyed by tourists and lovers alike. Have to say that the scene is rather brief, but memorable – it’s right at the beginning of the film, when a Greek wedding is interrupted by an earthquake (quite fitting, since the whole island was created by a massive volcano eruption and seismic activity thousands of years ago).

Summer Lovers (1982)

A bit old and unknown, but this shows off all the Greek island beauty. It’s a film about an American couple who meet a French woman on their tour to Greek islands and they develop a kind of love triangle relationship. For people who are looking for something romantic and hot for their holiday start.

The sisterhood of travelling pants (2005) and the sisterhood of Travelling Pants 2

A light and cheerful film about four best friends who each head out to different places on the globe and have a rather amusing plan of how to stay connected – sharing that perfect pair of yeans that fit each of them ideally. Choose this if you’re not looking for something too serious, maybe with a glass of Greek wine.

This should get you ready for your trip. Athough no film can capture the beauty of the place you see in person, but they’re a good start to get into the right travel mood.


Vacation photographer Anna Sulte 2016

Editorial style engagement photoshoot of Elhana and Edin.

Editorial style engagement photoshoot of Elhana and Edin.

            Recently I had the opportunity to capture the beauty of yet another wonderful couple. This time it was Elhana and Edin from Chicago. They were such a treat to work with – we had a real editorial style photoshoot with wardrobe changes to capture different styles and moods AND she had even brought a wonderful headpiece.

            It’s always fun to work with couples that share a wonderful energy between them and are ready to come up with something special to bring out their best. I have to say that being around Elhana and Edin and witnessing their special bond was a real treat and I hope that I was able to capture at least a fraction of the special feeling one gets around them.

destination-photo-shoot-sunset-santorini-caldera--6 editorial-photo-session-on-Santorini-couples-photo-shot--4 editorial-photo-session-on-Santorini-couples-photo-shot--3 Destination-engagement-shoot-on-Santorini-photo-session-Anna-Sulte-004 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--2 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--3 santorini-destination-honeymoon-shoot-elegant-sunset-004 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--8

Santorini photoshot by Anna Sulte 2016.




As part of my Santorini village blog series, it is time to explore the unique Megalochori village. This is one of the oldest villages on the island – the first records mentioning the island date back to the 17th century. It lies less than 10 km away from Fira, but it has its own characteristics and vibe.

Not only is it old, it is super scenic as well. It is all you could dream of when coming to a small Greek village – narrow streets that lead up hills littered with small little white houses with small enclosed gardens, and some magnificent classic Greek churches in between it all. You can really get lost in the labyrinth of the small streets here, very often you might end up in some place serving the local wine which is of top quality. The famous Boutari winery is widely known in all of Greece – the local volcanic soil really makes Santorini one of the most unique vine grape growing regions on the planet, and Megalochori is a great place to explore the wine culture of the small island of Santorini.

When your small street labyrinth walk leads you to the main square, it is definitely time to enjoy a tasty meal in one of the local taverns found there. The locals here are really active and this is a vibrant place even after the tourism season ends. So, if you ever want to feel a taste of the Greek lifestyle, you can go there in autumn as well. If you’re looking for an authentic winery experience, it is worth taking a look around on various volunteering websites – the local wine grape growers sometimes post job postings during the grape harvest. Who knows – maybe you were meant to be a wine grower on this Greek island!?

Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-3Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--2 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--3 Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece- santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-2




            The choice of the hotel for your stay or even the choice of the restaurant to have dinner in really makes a difference when you’re on holiday – it can either make or break your whole trip! That is why it is very important to choose wisely, and today I want to share some of my own tips on how to spot the best hotels and restaurants in Santorini.

            First of all, looking at the websites of the hotels or restaurants could serve as a good starting point, but you search should never end there! Of course every hotel will do everything possible to have only positive comments and descriptions on their website, which is why it is much wiser to turn to independent sources to get some real reviews from peer travelers.

            This is where peer review travel websites come in handy. I am not original in thinking that one of the best out there is TripAdvisor. Santorini is a small place, but you can find thousands of reviews about the local bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels on there. This is information travelers give to other travelers, that is why it is much more reliable than just looking at the hotel/restaurant web page.

            Of course this is not the only site. If you do not want to install any additional apps on your phone, I must say that even Facebook is a very good place to find out more about the restaurant. Just find out if it has an official Facebook page and have a look at their review section :).

            In short – have a real look online before making a booking. The extra ten minutes will really make a difference in the quality of your stay here in Santorini or in any other place for that matter.




            I am always up for good surprises, especially if it involves capturing special romantic moments of couples. This time was really special. I had conspired with Lauren who had arranged a photo session with his boyfriend Jon on the spectacular rooftops of Santorini.

            The session went really smooth and it was great to see such a loving couple sharing their energy with the world. Though Lauren had no idea what is about to happen. We’re approaching the end of what has already been an amazingly romantic walk and photo session on the Santorini background when Jon has a suggestion. “I have another pose in mind,” he says and kneels and presents a ring to Lauren. Needless to say that it was one of the most emotional moments any couple could have and I had the amazing opportunity to be the witness of it.

            These images have a special aura that can be traced throughout the session. Keep in mind that Jon knew very well what he is about to do and waited for the right moment while Lauren had no clue. This special energy makes the images truly unique.

            I wish you both the best and I can surely say that you’re up to an endless shared adventure.

Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-001 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-001 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-003 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-004 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-005 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-003 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-004 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-005

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte 2016.

Photo shoot in Oia. Amazing Sherri and Frank.

Photo shoot in Oia.
Amazing Sherri and Frank.

I was very pleased to have been invited to do a couple photo shoot to try to capture the beauty of them two and the beauty of the island in September. Serri suggested we spend the evening in Oia and her loving man agreed without hesitation. I was blown away by their harmony and the way they complimented each other in every way.

We started our walk at the Canaves Oia Suites and moved on to the Oia village where we explored the seaside and caldera views as the sun set in the background. Afterwards we moved on to capture some shots capturing the village itself — the blue domed churches, the romantic little houses with blue and white doors and the pretty pink bougainvillea flowers that have the best growing conditions here. Of course, the flowers could not be compared to the beauty of this pretty couple. :)

Love-story-Santorini-romantic-photo-session-GreecePhoto-session-in-oia-churches-blue-Santorini-5 Photo-session-in-oia-churches-blue-Santorini Love-story-Santorini-romantic-photo-session-Greece-4 Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera-2 Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera-3 Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece-3 Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece-4

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte.

Pros and cons of renting car in Santorini.

Pros and cons of renting car in Santorini.

Sometimes I get asked some really practical questions about visiting Santorini and the most popular question that seems to be on everyone’s mind seems to be “Should I rent a car to get the full Santorini experience?” As with all things in life, this decision has some pros and cons, so I cannot give you a definite answer, but I can share my thoughts so you could make a more informed decision! :) So here is my short list of the pros and cons of renting a car in Santorini:

PRO – You are free of any constraints and waiting for public transport. You can plan your rides yourself and you do not have to rely on bus timetables.

CON – To be honest, the bus timetables are very often aligned with the working hours of the most popular sites you could visit, so you should evaluate if you are going to plan a very individual adventure in the first place.

CON – The serpentine roads on the island are notoriously hard to navigate.

PRO – I suggest you avoid the mountain serpentine road when travelling to Oia and stick to the coastal roads – this will make your life much easier. This way you will have the chance to see some awesome sights along the way. Of course, using GPS navigation helps a lot.

CON – Parking in the bigger villages is really a pain. It is OK if you plan to stick to smaller villages, though.

CON – You really should calculate if the additional expenses are worth it. If you do not plan to explore the island, it is probably smarter to stick to public transportation or taxis.

PRO – That being said, the public transportation get a bit crowded, so you will be able to avoid it. During the busy hours, the buses might be late. However, there are ways of avoiding it, for example, you can get a taxi, especially in after the sunset – not only they will get you everywhere on time, they have amazing driving skills as well.

CON – Many people do not know this, but actually you cannot travel fully around the island. This could be the plan of some of you.

So that’s it! Do not count the pros and cons, but really concentrate on the things you want from your car rental experience. As I said, there is no one universal solution for all travellers, but in my experience, most of the people will be just fine with public transport and taxi services. Good luck with your planning and see you in Santorini soon!

santorini-rent-a-car-pros-cons (2)

Anna Sulte photographer located on Santorini, Greece.