Practical tips on how to get the most out of your Santorini off season photoshoot

Practical tips on how to get the most out of your Santorini off season photoshoot

Santorini weather is often a mystery – there are contrasty warm and cold days during off season, and that usually makes couples pretty confused about what to wear on shoot day. Fear not, here’s some tips from a Santorini photographer!

Let’s begin with defining the off season – I would say it’s the winter months from December till March. That’s the time when the weather gets a bit more chilly, and you can take advantage of no crowds of tourists to really explore the whole island of Santorini and it’s small villages and streets. Not to mention it makes for beautiful romantic photoshoots!

The main thing to remember is not to rely on stable weather. It’s really so unpredictable that it might be 18 or 4 degrees outside during your trip. So just be ready and bring a warmer layer of clothing for an unpredictable temperature drop. Dressing in layers is a really good idea for this season, because you can easily adapt by just removing a layer of clothing if it gets too hot.

If you’re one of the couples facing a really cold shoot day, no worries – the weather is still sunny most of the time, so you can wear your flowy dresses etc., just make sure to take a jacket to wear in between locations for maximum comfort. And you can always rely on a cup of hot coffee to get you warm fast ;)

And the last thing to keep in mind is planning. Since the weather is really fluctuating these days, it is best to plan the time of your photo session in the beginning of your trip. This way you can always reschedule if there’s some unpredicted weather change.

Hope this helps, see you in Santorini soon!

Photo shoot in December
Photo shoot in November
Photo shoot in February
Photo shoot in March
Photo shoot in March

Santorini photo sessions in low season with Anna Sulte

Explore a different side of Santorini in wintertime

Explore a different side of Santorini in wintertime


Sure, the season is ending on the Santorini island, but that can be used to see a different, more authentic side of this Greek island. Let me share a couple of tips on how to come offseason, save some money and still get an awesome experience.

The type of traveler this is for

It really comes down to what you expect from your visit. Offseason Santorini is more suited to the people looking for a quiet getaway rather that someone looking for partying. Most of the bars and restaurants close down, some of the more authentic ones visited by locals are open.

What to do

The number one activity in this time is active exploring, especially nature hikes. This is the time when Santorini is not crowded by tourists and you can get a more genuine feel about life on the island.

You will have the chance to see some of the most impressive views that are not blocked by crowds, and this also means there’s lots of good photo opportunities – what is not often shared in this blog is the way we have to struggle to not include tourists in some of the in-season couple shoots we do :)

That being said, there’s still some tourist activities going on all year. You will probably still be able to arrange a horse riding trip or go diving (don’t worry, the wetsuits will keep you warm and toasty). The number one thing to check for in a hotel is whether they have a hot tub – this gives you a chance to spend your evenings enjoying life with a bit of wine and sunsets.

In short, there’s still plenty of places to explore and stuff to do, but you have to be active and spend some time planning. If you’re up for that, Santorini will reward you with an authentic experience.

Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte

Different Santorini – Volthonas village

Different Santorini – Volthonas village

Today on my blog post series of the various villages of Santorini it’s time to look at a small rock village 6km away from Fira – the Volthonas village.

It has been called one of the places with the most different architecture on the island – many villages in Santorini offer the classical small buildings built on cliff sides and the occasional captain’s house or cave house here and there, but Volthonas leaves a different impression. The local craftsmen here were very worried about storms, so they have adapted the village to tough weather in all sorts of ways. This creates a special feel of the places, where the unique layout merge with the traditional Santorini style houses and perfect little domed churches.

If you go to Volthonas, don’t forget to take a look at the oldest church of the village – Agia Anna, which dates back to 1827. It’s most beautiful detail is inside – it has a wonderful carved wooden panel which portrays scenes from the Old Testament. If you’re looking to stretch your legs, you can take the 20 min walk to the Panagia Trypa chapel, which is located on the edge of a cliff – the beauty of its location and the chapel itself will be the best reward.










Santorini photographer Anna Sulte, vacation photographer in Greece




Where to go in winter. Santorini trip.

Winter Santorini trip.

Where to go in winter? Here is the list of Santorini Restaurants, wine bars that are open in winter:

Village- Exo Gonia
Aroma Avlis Food & wine. Open 13.00-00.00
t. 22860 33395

Village- Exo Gonia
Artemis Karamolegos Winery. Open 11.00-20.00
t. 22860 33395, e-mail:

Village- Firostefani
Da Vinci Italian Restaurant
t. 22860 22533, e-mail:

Village- Firostefani
Simos Tavern
t. 22860 23815 e-mail:

Village- Imerovigli
Heliotopos (wine bar) Open 19.00-24.00
t. 22860 23670

Village- Fira cental square
Kipos Wine Restaurant- Cafe
t. 22860 23433 email:

Village- Fira
Ladokolla Open: 11.00-23.00 (except Mondays)
t. 22860 21244 e-mail.

Village- Fira
Tsipouradiko Tavern Open: 12.00- 24.00
t. 22860 21847 e-mail:

Village- Ag. Georgios Perivolos
L’Opera di Costa (Greek Mediterranean cuisine)
t. 22860 83439 email:

Village- Oia
Roka Restaurant t. 22860 71896

Village- Pyrgos
Santo Wintes (winery- wine bar- local shop) Open 10.00-16.00 (except Mondays)
t. 22860 28058 e-mail: promo@  

Village- Megalochori
To mousiko kouti (traditional Greek cuisine)
t. 22860 85282 e-mail:

Village- Akrotiri beach
The Dolphins (tavern- restaurant) Open: 12.00- 20.00
t. 22860 81151

Four things to consider when traveling to Santorini in off-season/ winter.
What to do in Santorini in winter time.
Visit Santorini in winter, what to expect?


Anna Sulte Santorini portrait photographer









Santorini has its beauty in October, and I’m glad I had the chance to share it with this amazing couple. I was totally on it already from the time when I received the e-mail from Angela. As it sometimes happens, I had the feeling that something special is about to happen. And I was not mistaken. It was really a pleasure to work with such a loving couple. Although the days in Santorini were a bit gloomy, they were illuminated by the love share by this couple. Together they really warmed up the air around them, and I hope that I was able to capture at least a fraction of their special beauty.

We decided to head to a location with three churches in the background. The place truly has a unique look to it, and I thought that Angela and her loved one blended really well in it. The place and the couple together formed this magical moment that I had the honor to freeze in my images.

Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-004 Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-003 Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-004 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-005

Photo session by Anna Sulte, photographer on the Santorini island, Greece.



What to do in Santorini in winter time

What to do in Santorini in winter time

Hey! So I promised you a comprehensive list of the things you might see and do here in Santorini in the winter. As I wrote previously, winter is the real time for active and adventurous island exploring etc.  So here it comes:

  • Go volcano exploring. You can probably do it from Akrotiri (I’ve heard that “Sostis Travel” provides it, but it’s worth asking around and getting all the offers). There are some more options to choose from starting from March, when more travel operators start their season.
  • While you cannot sunbathe in the beaches, you can go horse riding in the beaches of Perissa. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t regret!
  • If you feel like getting to know more about the history, you can visit the Prehistoric Museum in Fira or Ancient Thera. Keep in mind that their opening hours a shorter during wintertime — they’re open from 8.30 till 15.00 and they do not work on Mondays.
  • Many people think that no restaurants or cafes work. Well, it’s not quite true — although a big portion of the restaurants are closed, few still work. It is best to ask more information at your local hotel — they’re always fully informed about the dining possibilities.
  • All the big supermarkets are open in the winter, but you must check their working hours before going there e.g. they do not work on Sundays; some have other specific working hours.
  • In general, you must be aware that you won’t find many tourist facilities open, unless they are used by the locals as well. You might see this as a chance to get to know the true lifestyle of the locals!
  • As far as accommodation goes, not all hotels will work, but here’s a useful list of all the hotels working in winters!

I guess this is the main information you have to know! Now you’re on your way to having the best time on the island of Santorini in the winter! I assure you — it is a great chance to travel cheaply and get to experience loads of new things if you’re feeling adventurous!

Here is the list of Santorini Restaurants, wine bars that are open in winter.
Visit Santorini in winter, what to expect?

What to do in Santorini in winter time

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte


Visit Santorini in winter, what to expect?

Visit Santorini in winter, what to expect?

            Winter is steadily approaching and the number one question I get around this time of the year goes something like this, “I’m planning a winter getaway to someplace warm, is Santorini the right place for me?”. I have been a Santorini photographer for a while, so I could share some insight.

            First of all, I guess “someplace warm” is rather relative and it depends on the climate you get in your own country during winter. Well if you’re dreaming of tanning in an exotic beach, I’m sorry to say that it probably won’t be possible; however, there are plenty of other things to do in Santorini and the temperature stays around + 12 C during winter here.

            During winters, you can get more active and really explore the island of Santorini. In the summer you always have to watch out from the blistering heat, but around December it is very pleasant for hiking, exploring the historical ruins, walking the narrow town streets… Besides, it is not as crowded and you can really enjoy a romantic stay with your loved one.

            That’s it in a nutshell. Stay tuned for a summary of the things you can do here in Santorini during wintertime, I’m preparing it right now and I’m sure it will be helpful for those of you considering coming here soon.

Visit Santorini in winter what to expect

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

Four important things to consider when travelling to Santorini, Greece.

Four things to consider when travelling to Santorini, Greece in off season.

Do you love to travel? Are you planning to come to Santorini for your Christmas holiday? Do you want to visit Santorini in winter time? Here are some tips to consider when planning your winter trip to Greece, Santorini.


The weather can get rather cold, wet and cloudy during December but still there are plenty of sunny days. The average temperature for Santorini in December is 13C, 56F.


Ferry schedules often depend on the weather. And it can certainly get choppy in some periods as it’s the middle of the winter — storms can cause delay or cancellation.

I usually check the ferry schedule here.

During winter there are no direct flights to Santorini except during the Christmas and New Year holidays. What you can do is to fly to Athens and from there decide whether to take another half an hour flight or a ferry trip to get to Santorini. Olympic Airways, Aegean Airways and SkyExpress all have flights to Santorini.

The public buses around Santorini are pretty rare. Here is the buss tame table for the winter season.

And of course local taxi services are available. You can get a taxi any time of the day. Don’t forget to ask the taxi driver to turn the counter on (unfortunately, there are some rather dishonest taxi drivers around here)!

Low season

You’re unlikely to find any tourist facilities open unless they also serve the winter population.

Every village has some kind of supermarket or bakery open all year around. For example Oia has three supermarkets open, Perissa has two bakeries and one supermarket which isn’t so close to the coastal part of the village.

The most popular villages like Fira, Oia, Perissa and Kamari usually have at least one restaurant open on weekends.  Sometimes a local will decide to keep his cafe open all year round; however, he might change his mind depending on his mood in the particular day you decide to visit! :D Everyone’s relaxed in the off season, just take it easy and try some other time.

Christmas Day – 25th December 2014. At the Christmas day most shops, banks and supermarkets are closed. Many bars, restaurants and hotels will have some celebration with food, drinks and possibly some entertainment.

 Where to stay

As, the town of Fira is the capital of Santorini, you can find a bit of action there — more shops and restaurants will be open during off-season. Of course your visit won’t  even be anywhere near the summer experience, but you’ll still enjoy it. It comes down to you and what you’re looking for. The great thing about being here during winter/Christmas is that it’s not crowded.

Talking about hotels, make sure yours has central heating!

It depends on what you are looking for…If some bad  weather won’t be that much of a problem and you’re just looking for a different experience regardless, then why no go for it? The island is beautiful in any time of the year.


The photos I added are from November surprise proposal photo session! It was such a nice way to spend warm autumn afternoon. The best known Oia blue churches just got painted and American couple Steven with Apneet look gorgeous on this backdrop! Congratulations guys with engagement!

Thank you! :)

Santorini photographer photo session couple portrait Santorini photography photo shoot surprise proposal Santorini photography photo shoot surprise proposal Santorini photography photo shoot surprise proposal Santorini photography photo shoot surprise proposal Santorini photographer photo session couple portrait Santorini photography photo shoot surprise proposal Santorini photographer photo session couple portrait санторини фотограф фотосессия