Highlights of 2018.

This year has been a roller coaster. I got to wake up before sunrise, shoot in crazy winds and say ‘hello’ to the magic of city lights. So fun getting to work with new clients and old. Really really grateful for this journey and a big thank you to anyone who has let me into their life to document all these beautiful moments.

Engagements, proposals, post-wedding and anniversary photo sessions by Anna Sulte, photographer located on the island of Santorini.

From Australia to Santorini – Natalie and Lewis in a lovely honeymoon shoot

From Australia to Santorini – Natalie and Lewis in a lovely honeymoon shoot

I keep being blessed with meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories. This time we met up with Natalie and Lewis all the way from Australia. They had engaged in Santorini and now they were back once again for a honeymoon getaway.

It seemed like they were made to come back. The magical aura around them radiated pure love and joy of life. The pull of this small Greek island is truly great, and it always attracts the most special people, and this was no exception.

We met up and decided to go pay a visit to the blue churches and the beach. The island cooperated and offered some of the most magical light. I just hope I did them justice and managed to capture some of that special aura around them :)

Santorini honeymoon photographer Anna Sulte



Exploring characters with SY and Cherie

Exploring characters with SY and Cherie

They came to me through a recommendation from a previous client, which always warms my heart.

SY and Cherie are young and deeply in love, I don’t know if they chose Santorini or Santorini chose them. In this photo session we decided to stay in one village and play around with the visual characters – their clothes, placement and framing – and try to create visually interesting shots that would highlight this wonderful couple and that fuzzy love feeling that is around them.

Thank you for making me a small part of your love journey in Santorini, it was a real pleasure.

Santorini photo shoot by Anna Sulte, photographer based on the island Thira/ Santorini.

Exploring the villages of Santorini – Jessa and David.

Exploring the villages of Santorini – Jessa and David.

            Jessa and David came all the way from Arizona, but there’s more than that – their roots are in Europe and actually from the area not far from Santorini. Jessa has some Greek blood and David’s ancestors come from Italy. As soon as I saw them I understood – they have a connection. A connection to this place and even stronger one to each other.

We spent the most magical two hours around the various villages in Santorini. It seemed that we needed to soak in as much of the Greek ambience as possible, so we did the best we could to get a good range of images and feelings. We ended up taking some shots around Imerovigli, Oia and also sneeked in their hotel called Kirini Suites and their spa.

This is one special couple, no doubt and I hope that these images do them justice and convey the unique vibe of love around them.

Santorini photo shoot by Anna Sulte

Ashley and Mark’s pre wedding shoot

Ashley and Mark’s pre-wedding shoot

Oh the stresses of a wedding- making guest lists, arranging the venue, and even making millions of decisions like the color of the flowers all add up quickly. But it can be different when you elope. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Ashley had to say:

The flowers were the wrong color, but when you are in Santorini, WHO CARES :). It was SOOO beautiful!

I’m glad I was a part of their elopement journey. I had the opportunity to see their eyes and hearts light up in their first look. It was amazing how much trust I got from the couple to capture the intimate moments. While Mark was waiting on the roof Zenith Blue Hotel in Imerovigli (http://zenithblue.gr/) I helped Ashley with the dress. When I got to the roof it was a signal to Mark – it was time. He turned away just to see his beautiful bride in front of him seconds later.

To be honest, it is hard to have bad pictures with such a radiant and loving couple. Their energy and love captured me and I just held on to this wave as I captured these. I really feel all the work paid off when I received this sweet email:

I think we definitely did the best thing :) We explored, we had fun, and it was SO romantic. We had the best time, and we still talk about it all the time. Plus, EVERYONE LOVES YOUR PICTURES. People say how they wish you lived here. :)

 Well Ashley, thank you but my heart is still in the magical island of Santorini.
I wish you the very best and I’m waiting for you to come back for your anniversary.

Santorini based vacation photographer Anna Sulte

Santorini photographers tips for travelling with a wedding gown

santorini post-wedding session

Santorini wedding photographers tips for travelling with
a wedding gown

Many of my clients come to Santorini to get married or celebrate their anniversary. What you don’t realize when making this decision is that you most likely will have to travel to Santorini with your wedding gowns. For guys travelling with a suit is not that challenging, but international air travel with a wedding dress can be a challenge.

First of all, let’s begin with a decision that could make your life easier. If you want to travel, you can also take this into account when choosing the dress. In general, a very classical wedding dress with a long lower part and corset. It will be far easier if you go for a Greek style or any other smaller dress. However, I know how it is – you just like the dress and you’re ready for anything to get it to Santorini. If so, then go for it!

OK when you have picked the dress, you can start figuring out how to get it to your wedding. There is no absolute advice for it but there are things you can do to increase your chances. One of the best and safest solutions for this is to get a separate suitcase for the dress only. There are actually companies that can pack your dress professionally into it to minimise creasing. When you arrive you can arrange a steam pressing to make sure everything is OK. Just make sure you are totally confident of the maximum carry on size of your flight operator, make calls to double check if necessary.

There is another, more risky solution. It is just packing your wedding dress as usual in a clear cover and carrying it on the plane. If you do this, it is a bit of a gamble, but it can turn out pretty good. Your wedding dress will of course exceed the allowed luggage dimensions, but most airport workers see the dress and light up. There’s actually a closet in most airplanes or a place to hang it up without creasing. If you’re on a long distance flight, you increase your chances dramatically if you fly first class.

If you have the time and are willing to go on an adventure, you can also arrive earlier and go wedding dress shopping closer to your destination. If you’re coming to Santorini, there are millions of possibilities in Greece before you board the ferry to the island, not to mention some spots in here as well. You can also use websites to plan and preview the dresses you want to try on. This is a good solution if you’re adventurous and willing to experiment a bit.

So there you have it, hope this helps and if you used a different technique, please let me and other couples know!

santorini post-wedding session


Santorini photo session by Anna Sulte, photographer based in Santorini





We’re well on our way in 2017 and I’ve been busy with shooting and planning to make this year even more awesome than the last. Today I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my growth journey on this small Greek island in the Aegean Sea- Santorini.

Each opportunity to photograph an amazing couple is a chance to perfect my skills, make other people happy and soak up the love that surrounds you! Thank you for the unforgettable moments and kind words, I promise I will not let you down in 2017.

Have a great year and remember to laugh and love often and a lot!

Anna Sulte Santorini based vacation photographer.




            Getting the beautiful images you want on your computer is only half the battle. Off course in this day and age many photographs remain there and are forever viewed as files on screens, but I do encourage my clients to make tangible prints to share among family or hang on walls. Such prints develop a truly different relationship with the viewers and it is a much more personal photography viewing experience. Think about the opportunities to take a stack of printed photographs and show them to your family and closest friends – what better way to remember the good times you had in Santorini? Not to mention the opportunity to hang some of these pictures on walls so that they would remind you of the good times with your loved one.

            There is one general rule I urge my clients to follow when making these prints and it is that they should use a professional print lab. Print labs are establishments who have specially trained people and professional equipment for handling image printing. They’re something like modern darkrooms – printing a good print from a digital image takes as much skill as developing prints the old way with chemicals in darkness. Do not expect to receive high quality prints if you take your photos to the nearest kiosk. Please do justice to your high –quality image files and spend a bit more on printing – you will not regret it! The main reason for this quality difference is that the professional printers are operated by equally professional people who take care of color grading and the perfect printing settings instead of relying only on programmed auto modes.

            Some of the best print labs that are easily accessible and handle digital files are WHCC and mpix.com in USA and Photolab.ca in Canada. I am sure a quick search online will quickly get you on track for finding the nearest professional print lab in your area, regardless of where you are located.

Remember – great images need great printing! Have fun viewing your Santorini memories. :)


Stunning newlywed photo session in Santorini

Stunning newlywed photo session in Santorini

            This was a special one. I met Sarah and Maurice – a wonderful and loving couple from Germany – when they came for their honeymoon in Santorini. They were willing to go all the way so they brought their wedding garments with them! I think the result speaks for itself. They were one of those magical couples perfect for photographers – loving, understanding, positive and beautiful. They cheered me up even more when I received their message that read:

Thank you thank you thank you, the pictures are absolutely astonishing.
We just looked them through 10 times in we love them. You really made an amazing job!

Find more photo shoots here.

photo-shoot-santorini-blue-domes-post-wedding-destination-3 photo-shoot-santorini-blue-domes-post-wedding-destination-4 photo-shoot-santorini-blue-domes-post-wedding-destination photo-shoot-santorini-blue-domes-post-wedding-destination-2 photo-shoot-santorini-blue-domes-post-wedding-destination-5 photo-session-santorini-caldera-honeymoon-wedding-dress-4 photo-session-santorini-caldera-honeymoon-wedding-dress photo-session-santorini-caldera-honeymoon-wedding-dress-2 photo-session-santorini-caldera-honeymoon-wedding-dress-3 photo-session-santorini-caldera-honeymoon-wedding-dress-5 santorini-photographer-couples-photo-session-vacation-honeymoon-3 santorini-photographer-couples-photo-session-vacation-honeymoon santorini-photographer-couples-photo-session-vacation-honeymoon-4

Amazing wedding gown from Madame Shou Shou- http://madameshoushou.com/

Couples photo shoot on Santorini with local photographer Anna Sulte.



Editorial style engagement photoshoot of Elhana and Edin.

Editorial style engagement photoshoot of Elhana and Edin.

            Recently I had the opportunity to capture the beauty of yet another wonderful couple. This time it was Elhana and Edin from Chicago. They were such a treat to work with – we had a real editorial style photoshoot with wardrobe changes to capture different styles and moods AND she had even brought a wonderful headpiece.

            It’s always fun to work with couples that share a wonderful energy between them and are ready to come up with something special to bring out their best. I have to say that being around Elhana and Edin and witnessing their special bond was a real treat and I hope that I was able to capture at least a fraction of the special feeling one gets around them.

destination-photo-shoot-sunset-santorini-caldera--6 editorial-photo-session-on-Santorini-couples-photo-shot--4 editorial-photo-session-on-Santorini-couples-photo-shot--3 Destination-engagement-shoot-on-Santorini-photo-session-Anna-Sulte-004 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--2 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--3 santorini-destination-honeymoon-shoot-elegant-sunset-004 lifestyle-photo-shoot-in-greece-sunset-engagement-session--8

Santorini photoshot by Anna Sulte 2016.





The traditional Greek wedding ceremony is truly a beautiful thing full of traditional rituals, which I have explained in my article here. Much has been said about the Greek way of getting married; however little is known about the actual practicalities — arranging everything, handling expenses etc. I taught I could give you few tips about this today.

  1. First of all, I must say that there are really many chapels in Santorini, but only a few do wedding ceremonies. If you have chosen your dream spot for your perfect day, it is worth enquiring if they do these type of ceremonies. Few Santorini chapels to check –here.
  2. Leave the planning for professionals. Santorini has some of the most experienced wedding organizers out there, so don’t be afraid to look for help with the arrangements for your special day. They will approach it in a practical manner, suggest venues, calculate pricing and stick to your budget!
  3. Prepare all the necessary documents! Wedding in Santorini has its legal details — you should really find your wedding planner before arriving to Greece, so that you would be absolutely sure of the documents you need to proceed with your plans, have them translated etc.

These are some of my remarks to help you along the way — I find that handling all the practicalities get a bit confusing sometimes, so I hope this helps! But the most important thing is — let yourself go and enjoy this amazing experience in Santorini!

I’m working on mini-series of posts on Santorini villages.  There are 15 villages on the island and plenty to explore/choice from for.

Here I add link to my previous blog post about Greek wedding traditions and here.


Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte, based on the Island of Santorini.


A Look Back in photos 2015.
So many amazing new friendships with the couples I was lucky enough to capture. A huge thanks to everyone!
It’s all about you!

Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-001 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-002Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-003 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-005 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-007 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-009book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 003 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-010 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-010 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-009 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-007Santorini-photography-destenation-photo-shoot-post-wedding-Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-006 Santoriini-photographer-sunset-photo-shoot-004 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-008 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-003 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-006 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-004 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-001Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-008 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-009 photographer in santorini greece-001 photographer in santorini greece-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-008 photographer in santorini greece-002Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-005Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-010Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-005 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-006Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-010 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-007 photographer in santorini greece-006 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-004 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-003 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-001 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-007 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-008 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-003 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-006 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-romantic-love-story-002 Santoriini-photo-session-portrait-couple-portraits-002 photographer in santorini greece-005 photographer in santorini greece-004 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-004 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 008 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 006 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-005 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 005 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-002 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-009 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 007book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 004 book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 001 Destination-honeymoon-photo-session-Santorini-001book a photoshoot in santorini location oia fira 002 Greece-Santorini-lifestyle-photo-shoot-dreamy-004

We had sessions all around Santorini, at Oia, at the Santorini heart, Firostefani, Fira, Imerovigli and more.



Throughout the years I have met a lot of wonderful people from Malaysia having a good time here on the island and most of them are looking for some advice. The biggest problem for people travelling from a far is how to save some money and not compromise on entertainment. I thought I could sum up some of the topics they’re most interested in and offer my advice for everyone here online. I’ve broken it down into three categories:
FLYING TO SANTORINI. Minimizing your travel expenses is an important thing to consider, especially if you’re flying to Santorini from across the Globe. I would go as far to say that this is the most important thing to research. There are no direct flights from Singapore to Santorini, so make sure to pay attention to your layover times. Generally you’ll need at least 2 layovers — one somewhere outside Greece, and the other in Athens. How about spending a day in Athens as well since you’ve come so far? Around 30 airlines operate the Santorini airport, so you have a wide choice; I suggest you look up at least 20 offers before buying your tickets. The most popular airlines are Great Western Airlines, Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines — start with those, but do not buy the first tickets you find, trust me. Look for package deals, but consider how they fulfil your travelling needs.
STAYING IN SANTORINI. All the general rules apply here. You can check out my posts on best Santorini hotels with amazing pools and 5 things your perfect Santorini hotel should have; the thing I would like to add is that it is important to book your rooms really early to make sure you get your perfect hotel. The flight from Malaysia to here is quite a long one, so you really need to plan some extra rest time in your comfy hotel room before starting your active Santorini adventure.
EATING IN SANTORINI. People from Singapore usually really enjoy the local Greek cuisine — it is very different from the dishes eaten in Singapore, so be prepared to explore some new tastes! The thing to remember is that the best seafood can actually be found inland, not at the beach restaurants — most of them charge very high prices for not-so-great food. Find some extra tips in my post on the best Santorini restaurants with authentic food.
There, that’s it! You could save some of your travel budged and have a wonderful experience if you do your research and stick to this advice. One final advice is to have fun and enjoy everything the island has to offer. I hope to see you soon!


Photos from session in Oia with my beloved Singaporean people Cheryl and Lucas!



Santorini-travel-portrait-session-from-Singapore-002  love-story-santorini-dreamy-photos-couple-engagement-002  Santorini-travel-portrait-session-from-Singapore-003  love-story-santorini-dreamy-photos-couple-engagement-003

Santorini photo session, photographer Anna Sulte 2015




Hey, I’m glad you stumbled upon this post! If you’re reading this you’re most probably considering your Santorini private destination wedding. Let me give you just some quick pointers before your decision. These are just some things to consider.

  • Total freedom to do what you want on your wedding day
    You don’t have to adhere to any norms or other official ceremonies, what you do on your wedding day is really up to you! Since you’ll be the only wedding guests, you can get very wild and creative. Maybe you want to get married and go diving all day long? Or maybe you want to spend the whole day in a restaurant or hiking the island? There are no limits, really.
  • Stress-free
    It will be less stressful as there are no official strict schedules to follow etc. It’s just about you two and the things you enjoy most
  • No family and friends by your side
    This is simultaneously the best and the worst thing of such a type of wedding. You’re not so stressed because you don’t have crowds of people; however, you won’t have your closest friends and family by your side as well. There is a solution to this, see point 4.
  • You can organise a small pre-wedding ceremony back home!
    Lots of couples opt to take the best from two worlds and just make a small celebration the day before they’re coming to Santorini. It is usually a small gathering of the closest friends and family and it is quite relaxed. Off course, you can get really formal — it’s up to you!
  • Getting creative with your look and wedding photos!
    Who says you have to have a white dress and tuxedo? We usually tend to stick to tradition when we’re holding big ceremonies, but this could be the occasion to get creative! Maybe you want a ping Greek style dress? The same goes for your wedding photo session; you could go on a hike to a mountain and have it there if you want to!

Hope this helps you make up your mind. Regardless of the type of wedding you want to have, Santorini is definitely a good choice for romantic trips, weddings and honeymoons — this is probably one of the most romantic spots on earth!



Thank you Marissa and Nick for an amazing Santorini photo shoot.
I wish you all the best!






Photo shoot by photographer located on Santorini Anna Sulte



It happened again. I met the most wonderful couple the other day. I must say that Shing and Yang really look amazing together, but there’s something beyond that in them as well. You cannot really put it in words, but you feel a certain sense of love and care when being around them and it kind of embraces you as well. Santorini is really a magnificent destination for loving couples and I am really lucky to have a chance to capture this couple’s magic in photographs.

santorini photographer photo shoot. Oia steps destination post wedding shoot Romantic photo shoot in Santorini Greece Santorini destination post-wedding photographer Santorini pre-wedding photo shoot.  Santorini oia blue church photo shoot Santorini photo shoot. Wedding dress. Santorini getaway.

Destination photographer based in Santorini, Greece.
Post wedding photo shoot photographed by Anna Sulte.