The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile

The ultimate Santorini Instagram spot list – the best places to level up your profile


This small island in the Aegean Sea could be the most Instagramable place on earth – there are small alleys, white church domes, cliffs and lots of other picturesque places and small details literally everywhere you go. But some places are true gems, and today you get the insider knowledge on where to head to take your Instagram game to the next level!


Red Beach

The Red Beach of Santorini is the perfect place for your laid back exploring shots while getting your tan on. This is a volcanic island and the red color of the sand is the proof for it – the red sand is literally formed from the elements remaining from the volcanic eruptions that formed the whole island, how cool is that!?


Oia Blue Domes and Oia crosses

The Oia church domes and the cross are among the most essential Santorini views. The traditional cathedral has nice views and the essential Santorini architecture look. The most daring even go up to the cross – be careful, this is more dangerous than it looks. The best time to arrive is early afternoon, when there’s not so many people around.


Oia Castle

This place is usually crowded in sunsets, and it’s for a good reason! The views from there are majestic. Here’s a pro Instagram tip – instead of lining up with hordes of tourists, get up nice and early and go for the sunrise, it’s even more beautiful!


Santorini Doors

Keep an eye out for the unique doors all over the island. It’s a great opportunity to frame portraits and get creative. The best thing is that there are hundreds of them and you can discover new ones every day! Watch these types of details and you’ll be amazed of the little things.


Other honorable mentions

There are many other really good Santorini Instagram spots, here’s a small rundown of the remaining essential ones: Amoudi Bay, Imerovigli steps and of course the wonderful small streets of Eborio or Pyrgos. These are some of the top places, but I encourage you to stay curious and look around everywhere you go in Santorini, there are hidden unknown gems everywhere – I live here and I never run out of things to photograph :)


Photos by Anna Sulte, photographer based in Santorini



This couple wanted something special for their one year anniversary, and let me tell you – a trip to Santorini is probably one of the best choices for this. We were looking for some of the places that would help capture their tender love and eventually we ended up in the logical destination of Firostefani.

It was magical, it seemed that these places have been waiting for them to arrive. Their connection is truly a special one and I hope these images convey at least a part of that special feeling in the air when being around them. Santorini is a place that attracts special couples, indeed.


Anna Sulte, Santorini photographer




Island hopping is a way of seeing the surrounding small islands on a boat tour and spending some time on each of them. As you’re reading this article, you are probably have some doubts, and there are some grounds for it. Island hopping around Santorini, is it worth it? Let’s look at some pros and cons.

Time management

Yes, island hopping will allow you to “see” many places in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you will think this is enough probably depends on what type of traveler you are. If you’re after the amazing views and taking photographs, this might be for you. If you like to soak in the vibe of the place and devote more time for it, then probably not so much. All the tours have a set amount of time reserved for seeing the island and that’s it – if you’re too late the tour might head on without you.

Activity planning

One thing is for sure – island hopping is not for the chilled out folk. If you want to make most of it, you have to plan your activities on the islands in advance, otherwise you just risk wasting too much time on making decisions on the fly. It is best to make e.g. restaurant or diving reservations well in advance to get the best time that fits your island hopping tour.

Choose your base wisely

There is plenty of information on various island hopping tours online, and all of them offer you to start from a certain point. Before signing up for one, you should consider the costs. A good advice is to think whether you think that the island tour should be the highlight of your tours and spend the rest of your vacation on leisure e.g. chilling on the beach or do you want to do some more advanced tours and experiences on your base island as well. If you just want to chill, you can definitely consider the smaller, more remote islands where the stay will generally be cheaper and the beaches won’t be so crowded!

Pick 2-3 favorites from the tours and discuss with your travel mates, this should be a good start for a conversation.

Santorini vacation/portrait photographer Anna Sulte

The Small Gem of Santorini – Akrotiri village

The Small Gem of Santorini – Akrotiri village

Today I’m continuing my mini blog post series on the various villages that can be found on the small Greek island of Santorini. If you thought that all the exciting stuff has been covered, think again! Let’s take a look at one of the oldest settlements on the island – Akrotiri.

Akrotiri is really a place for travellers, who want to escape the tourist crowds and rush of the capital Santorini – Fira. When choosing Akrotiri as your place to stay, you have to agree to some compromises, for example, there will be less places to have a coffee etc. BUT you’re going to have the chance to see more of the authentic island life – many ordinary Santorini farmers live there and go about their day as usual, without changing much of it to fit the needs of tourists.

Yet it definitely does not mean that Akrotiri is boring or that there are no places to see. First of all, it is one of the oldest settlements of Santorini and there’s a museum where you can see the ruins of buildings that were some of the first ones erected on the island! If you want to enjoy a more relaxed day on the beach, have no worry – the village has the great Red Beach to offer – the contrast of the red volcanic sand and crystal blue water is mesmerising and captures you for hours… just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-004 santorini-explore-greece-trip-vacation-photographer-003 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-001 santorini-photography-greece-story-trip-holiday-001 santorini-photography-greece-story-trip-holiday-004 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-005 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-002 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-003 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-006

Photographer located, based on Santorini.




Santorini is truly the place to be for all lovers around the world. The island is like a big magnet of the most loving couples and newlyweds, and that is why I get to work with beautiful loving people that have come from the other side of the globe!

This was the case with the beautiful Yusuke and Misa, who came for their honeymoon all the way from Japan. I saw the light in their eyes as they walked around the most iconic sights of Santorini that they have previously imagined seeing in person… the 90 minute photo shoot was the ideal choice for them!

Oh boy, they looked so good together! She had this amazing dress designed by Jenny Packham  and he was ever so handsome in his classic suit… as I walked along the streets of Santorini with this couple, I felt grateful to be a part of something truly special.

natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-004 santorini-post-wedding-photo-shoot-photographer-greece-005 natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-007 natural-light-bride-santorini-post-wedding-session-oia-001 santorini-post-wedding-photo-shoot-photographer-greece-004 santorini-honeymoon-trash-the-dress-photo-session-003 santorini-honeymoon-trash-the-dress-photo-session-001 santorini-post-wedding-session-wedding-gown-dress-couple-love-story-001 santorini-post-wedding-session-wedding-gown-dress-couple-love-story-003

Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte




As part of my Santorini village blog series, it is time to explore the unique Megalochori village. This is one of the oldest villages on the island – the first records mentioning the island date back to the 17th century. It lies less than 10 km away from Fira, but it has its own characteristics and vibe.

Not only is it old, it is super scenic as well. It is all you could dream of when coming to a small Greek village – narrow streets that lead up hills littered with small little white houses with small enclosed gardens, and some magnificent classic Greek churches in between it all. You can really get lost in the labyrinth of the small streets here, very often you might end up in some place serving the local wine which is of top quality. The famous Boutari winery is widely known in all of Greece – the local volcanic soil really makes Santorini one of the most unique vine grape growing regions on the planet, and Megalochori is a great place to explore the wine culture of the small island of Santorini.

When your small street labyrinth walk leads you to the main square, it is definitely time to enjoy a tasty meal in one of the local taverns found there. The locals here are really active and this is a vibrant place even after the tourism season ends. So, if you ever want to feel a taste of the Greek lifestyle, you can go there in autumn as well. If you’re looking for an authentic winery experience, it is worth taking a look around on various volunteering websites – the local wine grape growers sometimes post job postings during the grape harvest. Who knows – maybe you were meant to be a wine grower on this Greek island!?

Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-3Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--2 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-4 santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece--3 Santorini-island-agean-sea-travel-tips-greece- santorini-mediterranean-greece-megalochori-village-traveling-2





What greater way to surprise the couple on their honeymoon than with a photo shoot! This is precisely what happened to Caitlin and Ryen. I think the slight element of surprise in a way adds more sincerity to the images. We enjoyed a walk away from all the hustle and bustle of the tourist streets and really soaked in the evening ambiance. They were a really nice couple and the sense and they had that special romantic traveller aura of honeymooners. I hope these images convey at least a small part of their bond and their amazing personalities. It was really a pleasure spending an evening with you, thank you!


Much love,


honeymoon-photoshot-santorini-blue-church-domes-001 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-002 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-001 honeymoon-photoshot-santorini-blue-church-domes-002 honeymoon-photoshot-santorini-blue-church-domes-003 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-008 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-004 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-003 wedding-gift-photo-session-on-santorini-island-photography-005



Let’s admit it — all of us experience that weird feeling when standing in front of a camera from time to time. You kind of don’t feel yourself, all of a sudden you feel that weird awkward feeling and you don’t seem to be able to pose. Let me offer some of my insights today —here are some of my observations on the topic.

First of all, as I already stated — it is absolutely normal! Once you understand that and embrace it, you’ll be able to overcome the feeling easier.

Secondly, think of what are you going to wear. Think not only about how it looks, try to make sure that your outfit is comfy as well — you would be surprised how relaxed you could get with the right pair of shoes. These little things actually have great impact on how you act and feel in front of the camera.

Thirdly, just relax. I know how stupid it sounds sometimes, but really — just forget about the photo shoot and chill out and be yourself. Good photographers don’t need to make you strike some special poses. Just be your loving self and enjoy the awesome time in Santorini with your loved one, the photographer will take care of the rest. Focus on the beautiful surroundings, the magnificent Santorini streets and allow yourself to be amazed by the great views of this small Greek island.

What it really comes down to is not over thinking the whole photo shoot experience — remember that photo shoots are for you and your loved one and they should in no way be treated as a sort of test which you can fail or be great at. You should just come and enjoy Santorini with me, that’s all (I’ll just bring my camera along to make sure that some of the special moments are captured).

 Enjoy your holiday and I hope to see you in Santorini soon!


Santorini photo session in Perissa village.