Nice vegan food options in Santorini, Greece

Food in Santorini

Nice vegan food options in Santorini, Greece

Being vegan is easier in certain parts of the world than others. Everyone has their favorite vegan treat, but when it comes to travelling, it’s certainly more challenging. No fear, today I’m sharing some Greek vegan food hacks – really nice meals you can have right here on the island of Santorini!


Gemista are vegetables, usually tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers or egg plant filled with rice. It is a very heart warming and filling dish that highlights some of the best mediterranean flavors and makes use of our fine olive oil. One thing to remember – ask if these are vegetarian, some taverns like to put a bit of meet in theirs.


This one follows pretty much the same stuffing logic, but makes use of something more exotic – the rice and herb mix is stuffed in a fresh grape leaf. Perfect chance to try out something new ;)


Basically these are oven-baked vegetables with a mediterranean twist – the herbs and spices used on them differ a bit from place to place, but you can be sure it takes out the best in the vegetables they are baking at the time of the year.

Greek salad hack

Everyone knows about Greek salad, of course. But the problem for vegans is one of the main ingridients – Feta cheese. But guess what, Greek salad is pretty fine without it! They will gladly exclude it, if you just ask.

Some bakery options

Of course, this depends from the place, but the two vegan things that are pretty much always there are spanakopita and kuluri. And then you can of course always ask for any other vegan options, and depending on the season you’re visiting they’ll have two or three more treats for you.

So these are the essentials for any vegan coming to Santorini. Let me know if you can think of some more!

Food in Santorini
Vegan/vegetarian food in Santorini, Greece
Santorini honeymoon photographer Anna Sulte

Enjoy some fine beer and learn more about brewing it in Santorini

Enjoy some fine beer and learn more about brewing it in Santorini


Apart from the classic well known tourist attractions that Santorini has to offer all the wonderful people that flock to the Island of Love every year, there’s also some more hidden and niche things to do around here. One of such is definitely is the amazing Santorini Beer Company visit in Thera. Santorini Brewing Company.

This brewery opens its doors to everyone interested and provides a deeper look into their craft beer brewing process as well as some fun facts about the local beer brewing scene and enjoying a cold one in general.

Apart from soaking all the knowledge, this is also one of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy some high quality local beer. If you compare it to the prices you would get in a restaurant, this is definitely the spot to visit and try all the types of Santorini Donkey beer.

It’s also open till late hours, so it can be a nice experience before or during your pub crawl evening around the island :) – it’s ready for you all week long from 12PM to 12AM – just make sure to call them beforehand and check availability.

Photo credit to: Adriana Yampey

Blog post by Anna Sulte photographer on the island of Santorini, Greece

Some ideas for your next Santorini sailing trip

Some ideas for your next Santorini sailing trip


Santorini is a beautiful small island with some of the best views into the Aegean Sea. But usually after you have been here a while, you start craving a different adventure. Then you know it is time to set sails and head into the sea and look at all this beauty from the water!

This time I’ll share some ideas on sailing trips around here. What goes on on these? What can you possibly do on a boat all day??? No worries, I got the answers, or at least some of them.

The first thing you need to decide is how long do you want the trip to be. Usually there are two options – you can either spend an entire day on the boat, which would mean a tour around the island and then some leisure time with swimming etc. or you can go with half a day and do mostly touring.

After that, you need to settle on the type of sailing trip you’re looking for. Around Santorini there are actually many options, some of the best include:

  1. sunset sailing
  2. volcano sailing
  3. fishing sailing
  4. sailing trip along with traditional Greek foods

So when you know the answer to these two questions, you can start contacting some of the companies offering trips. Be wise and call a couple before settling for one – sometimes the prices and the types of tours differ greatly. Of course, reading some online reviews from previous sailors does not hurt.

This should set you on your way to having the best time on the waters of the Aegean Sea. Let me know how your trip went and see you back on land!


Professional honeymoon photographer Anna Sulte

Some Santorini PRO tips from couples

Some Santorini PRO tips from couples


I have shared some tips about staying in Santorini already, but I keep meeting couples for photoshoots and all of them have experienced something nice on the island as well. So today I thought I could give you a roundup of some tips I’ve actually heard from them.


So here are some Santorini tourist hacks:


  • They highly recommend the cable car in Fira. I can only agree, one of the best views of volcano and lava rocks on the island!
  • Sailing is fun of course! Look for boat trips that have “snacks” on board included in the price. Depending on how lucky you are, these can actually turn out to be pretty substantial Greek meals.
  • Buses usually have lines of people waiting for them. If you do not want to be left waiting for the next one, check the departure schedule and arrive around 10 min earlier
  • Places to eat: some places I keep hearing again and again from you guys are 1800, Dimitris and Lolita’s Gelato. Also Kapari Wine restaurant, especially if you manage to book one of the limited tables overlooking the Caldera. What can I say, I can only agree – you have good taste :)
  • Best places to stay include Astra Suites, Grace Hotel and Kapari Natural resort, especially if you’re looking for that authentic Santorini Greek style architecture.


Hope this helps with your holiday plans. If you want to find out more, just scroll back to some of the older posts where I cover each of the towns on Santorini in detail!


Add some spice to your Santorini travel – join a Greek cooking class!

Add some spice to your Santorini travel – join a Greek cooking class!


Travel is the best way to have new experiences. And that does not end with seeing some cool places or enjoying the warm breeze of Aegean Sea winds and the touch of the Santorini sun. For many of us, food is a very special part of the travel experience. So today I will share some of the essential info on taking Greek cooking classes right here on the Santorini island!


Good things come in pairs

This is true for cooking classes as well. More often than not they’re combined with a wine tour in some of the local Greek wineries. Prepare to blast your tastebuds with some of the greatest wine before heading to the kitchen.


Where to look for classes

Well, online of course :) But I  can say that the best ones are usually hosted by restaurants. Try to stay clear of some tour operators. As an example, the restaurant Selene is a solid choice, they have been in the business for more than 30 years and they know what they’re doing.


What kind of foods to expect

This of course depends on the people organising the class as well as the ones attending. I would suggest really trying to find out beforehand. More often than not they try to stick to classic Greek cuisine like fava, soutzoukakia, tzatziki etc. but do ask beforehand to avoid surprises. Occasionally there are modern Greek fusion classes which might not be what you’re interested in.


If you follow this you will have a great time, no doubt. Of course it’s not rocket science, but you just have to make sure to check some things. Bon apetit!

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte






            Whether you’re looking for a light vacation meal after a day at the beach, exploring the Greek vegetarian food world or looking for a place to relax after your Santorini photo session these restaurants will not disappoint. Here’s my top 3 of the best places to get your veggies at the heart of the Aegean Sea.


Falafel Land in Fira

Who does not like a good falafel, right? Their diverse menu will have something new even for the most enthusiastic falafel lovers. It is a small and simple place, but provides all you need to enjoy a cool evening or grab a snack in the middle of your excursion day. The staff are some of the most active and positive vegans on the island!

Where to find it: It’s close to Fira bus terminal, address: Fira, Fira 84700


Melitini in Oia (vegetarian friendly)

This is a nice choice if you’re non-vegetarian friends don’t want to give up meat for the meal. It’s a vegetarian friendly restaurant with a relaxed vibe, classic Greek cuisine with a twist and one of the greatest views around! It’s in a classic tavern with a terrace overlooking the Caldera. Careful if you’re planning a short meal, you might stay the whole evening just to stare at the horizon and the Aegean Sea!

Where to find: It’s on the main Caldera walk in Fira, address: Epar.Od. Firon-Ias, Oia 84702


Sea Side by Notos in Perivolos (vegetarian and vegan friendly)

Another treat that will spoil you with food and great views. As the title suggests, this place is right next to the waves of the sea which you can always watch for hours. Great place to visit after enjoying a day at the beach. Has vegetarian and vegan options, but your meat-loving friends won’t be disappointed. They have nice chilled out seating on the beach, you can always take a quick dip in the sea in the middle of the meal if you want to – it’s your vacation, you make the rules!

Where to find: just go to the beach and you won’t miss it, address: Agios Georgios Beach, Perivolos

Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte



Fira is, of course, the gem of the island of Santorini. If the time of your stay here on the island is limited for some reason, you can just visit it and really take in the various opportunities and sights it has to offer. It lies on the caldera opposite the volcano, so you can be sure that the views will be no less than awesome. However, it does not end there – Fira has much more!

The town has loads of museums, galleries and hosts many cultural events. Moreover, it also has the biggest shopping centre and a large choice of places to dine and entertain – this is the place where nightlife is bustling on the island of Santorini.

The town has one of the largest varieties of architecture and variuous cultural landmarks that have preserved from the times when the island was ruled by Turks as well one of the oldest, largest and most scenic ports in Santorini.

If you’re looking for the perfect village for all sorts of activities and want to enjoy a big selection of various restaurants, hotels and places for entertainment, Fira is probably the perfect place for you!


Santorini photography by Anna Sulte, Thera based photographer.


where to eat in Santorini


Let me share some insider tips on where to find some of the eating places where locals enjoy hanging out from time to time.
If you want to be a part of the Santorini locals club, go ahead and check them out!


Corner in Fira – awesome brunches

This is a rather popular café to grab breakfast. Its food and staff are so good that in the midst of all the tourists even locals come to enjoy morning crepes and great coffee. Not only that, it’s pretty affordable as well!

Address: M. Danezi, Fira 84700, Santorini


Mario No 1 in Monolithos

This is a rather simple and down to earth restaurant at the beachside where locals enjoy amazing traditional grilled dishes. It’s also in a rather distant and quieter beach away from most of the tourist masses. Go there for simple and kind service, amazing food and good conversations in a calm atmosphere.

Address: Monolithos 84700, Santorini


Mythos Grill House in Pyrgos

Locals sure enjoy a good grilled meal and this is one of the best places around. In addition to their great menu, they also offer quite a view from their terrace. This in combination with a couple of sips of their amazing house white wine is a formula for a good night out in Santorini!

Address: Pyrgos Kallistis 847 00, Greece

where to eat in Santorini

The Unique face of Ammoudi village/bay in Santorini

The Unique face of Ammoudi village/ bay in Santorini

            I’m getting close to the end of my blog post series on the various different villages on the island of Santorini, if you’ve missed them, just take a look back – I give short info on the unique characteristics of each of these places you might visit during your stay. 15 Santorini villages.

Today it’s time to dive into one of the most unique small villages, which is actually almost a port – it’s the Ammoudi village/ bay. Go ahead and turn on Google Images and search for it. See what I mean? It’s just the perfect Greek port with tiny colorful houses washed by crystal clear aquamarine water.

Ammoudi is definitely known for its stunning ambience, and if you’re looking for a boat ride or a place to have great sea food, look no more! This place has some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants and taverns on the island – try their sea food and you’ll be hooked for life!

Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte





During all the years I have been here on the wonderful island of Santorini I have accumulated a certain number of questions I get asked quite a lot and some of them definitely are related to being out in the sun and organizing various events and parties outside. Popular idea seems to be to go on a cool Mediterranean picnic with your travel buddies or your special someone. I must say that exploring the beautiful nature of this island is definitely a great idea, but you must do certain planning and take certain precautions to have the best time! I thought today I might round up the essentials here in this blog post.

                First of all, you must know that the Santorini sun is really intense. That is one of the reasons why I would strongly suggest to plan the picnic in the evening. Even the locals are most active after sunset, do not overestimate your capabilities! During the day it is quite hard to find shade and a cool breeze.

                As for the place, I think the seaside is the best choice, just make sure you stick to more quiet places, to avoid hordes of tourists walking past you all the time. Some of the places you could go are the further side of Perivolos beach or somewhere near the cliff side of the island at the village of Megalochori or Akrotiri with most rocks and a great caldera view although it might get a bit windy. If you choose a beach for your picnic, be sure to bring your swimsuit – there’s always the added bonus of taking a quick swim whenever you want to cool down. :)

                When preparing food, make sure you choose products that can handle the Santorini temperatures. Alternatively, you should think about ways to cool them down. You could buy an ice box and/or and fill it with ice to keep your drinks cool. This method should last you for a couple of hours.

                There you go – the rest is up to you.  :)


Santorini sunset. Photo by Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte.




            Even nowadays, when we can share loads of photographs online from our trips, a small physical gift that you give to family and friends is still a very special thing. Somehow even though we can buy almost everything at our local stores, we still enjoy a good souvenir. And what’s there not to love? Everyone enjoys a gift time to time, right? Today I thought I might give you some pointers for what to look out for when shopping for family and friends in Santorini.

  1. Souvenir shops. Even though this might seem counter intuitive to buy magnets, postcards etc., there are few more options like little churches or Santorini music boxes with the local landmarks.
  1. Authentic clothes or jewelry are a good choice. Try some shops with local Greek clothing and jewelry you may find something unique for your beloved family.  As for Santorini, a light scarf is a really essential women’s accessory here and there is plenty of variety. Or some volcanic lava earrings/bracelet.
  1. Traditional Greek food. Bear in mind that it is really hot here and the food you plan to bring home must survive all the way. Other than that, you’re good – everyone loves sweets or a good drink, guaranteed. If I may make some recommendations, I would go for some good Santorini vine – the conditions on this volcanic island make it one of the most unique places to grow grapes in the whole world. Other options are Santorini dried tomatoes, local olive oil or maybe even halloumi cheese.

So, there you have it – I think if you follow these basic steps, your Santorini gift bag should be really full and really good.  Have fun shopping!


Tips for your Santorini visit from Anna Sulte, local photographer.


Where to go in winter. Santorini trip.

Winter Santorini trip.

Where to go in winter? Here is the list of Santorini Restaurants, wine bars that are open in winter:

Village- Exo Gonia
Aroma Avlis Food & wine. Open 13.00-00.00
t. 22860 33395

Village- Exo Gonia
Artemis Karamolegos Winery. Open 11.00-20.00
t. 22860 33395, e-mail:

Village- Firostefani
Da Vinci Italian Restaurant
t. 22860 22533, e-mail:

Village- Firostefani
Simos Tavern
t. 22860 23815 e-mail:

Village- Imerovigli
Heliotopos (wine bar) Open 19.00-24.00
t. 22860 23670

Village- Fira cental square
Kipos Wine Restaurant- Cafe
t. 22860 23433 email:

Village- Fira
Ladokolla Open: 11.00-23.00 (except Mondays)
t. 22860 21244 e-mail.

Village- Fira
Tsipouradiko Tavern Open: 12.00- 24.00
t. 22860 21847 e-mail:

Village- Ag. Georgios Perivolos
L’Opera di Costa (Greek Mediterranean cuisine)
t. 22860 83439 email:

Village- Oia
Roka Restaurant t. 22860 71896

Village- Pyrgos
Santo Wintes (winery- wine bar- local shop) Open 10.00-16.00 (except Mondays)
t. 22860 28058 e-mail: promo@  

Village- Megalochori
To mousiko kouti (traditional Greek cuisine)
t. 22860 85282 e-mail:

Village- Akrotiri beach
The Dolphins (tavern- restaurant) Open: 12.00- 20.00
t. 22860 81151

Four things to consider when traveling to Santorini in off-season/ winter.
What to do in Santorini in winter time.
Visit Santorini in winter, what to expect?


Anna Sulte Santorini portrait photographer







Winter is here, and I thought I might share some great Greek recipes. Of course, everyone knows the Greek salad (which is a relatively simple dish, but you really have to taste it in Greece to get the right idea about it). I thought I might go with something less obvious and introduce you to Moussaka, which is a Greek casserole made from minced meat and eggplants, it is something like a super yummy eggplant lasagne.

So here’s what you’ll need to make Moussaka Santorini style:

  • 2 medium eggplants,
  • olive oil (as needed),
  • ½ kilo of lean ground beef,
  • 2 medium onions (peeled and chopped),
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh minced garlic (you can use more, if you like!),
  • 1 (250g) can of tomato sauce,
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano,
  • ½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper.

To make the cheese sauce, you’ll need:

  • 3 tablespoons of butter,
  • ½ teaspoon of seasoned salt (or regular salt),
  • ½ teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper,
  • 2 tablespoons of flour,
  • 1 cup of cream,
  • 1 egg, ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese (of course you can use more, everyone likes cheese).

First, grease a baking pan, then peel the eggplants and cut them in 2cm thick slices (of course, this isn’t rocket science, so thicker slices are OK. You will find your perfect thickness if you make this dish several times). Put a small coat of olive oil on each slice and seasoned them with salt and pepper (as desired). Put them on a thin baking pan and put in the oven until they get brown and then flip them and bake a bit more.

In a large pan mix the beef with onions and cook until the beef is no longer pink and the onions are soft. When you are done with that, strain the remaining grease and fat from the pan. Add garlic, tomato sauce, oregano, ½ tablespoon of salt, black pepper.

Put half of the eggplant slices in the baking tray, cover them, with the meat mixture and put the remaining eggplant slices on top.

FOR THE CHEESE SAUCE: Melt the butter in a pan, whisk in flour, ½ tablespoon of salt and pepper, and gradually stir in cream or milk. Cook and stir this mixture over medium heat until it gets thick and starts to bubble.

In a bowl beat egg and stir in some hot sauce. Afterwards add it to the sauce mixture, mix well, add Parmesan cheese and mix again.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180o C for 45 minutes.

Cut the Moussaka into squares and enjoy this wonderful winter dish, preferably with a glass of good wine and some fresh salad.



Real Santorini dinner. Greek table traditions.

Have a real Santorini dinner!

Sometimes it is good to leave your comfort zone. I think you have to do so when being in Santorini. Get to know some locals and have a real Santorini Greek dinner! You would be amazed how welcoming and warm people Greeks are. Or maybe you’re about to have a Greek wedding with dinner? Visiting a Greek family? Don’t worry, today I’ll share some basic Greek dinner traditions to get you ready for the occasion.
First of all, no Greek likes to be alone, and, in a way, they apply this rule to food as well — a drink must always be served with some food and some food has to be enjoyed with friends. It is customary for Greeks to have many guests, and it is an honor to have a guest in your home, even if you have just met on the street and he has invited you for a drink. So don’t be shy and play along, be friendly, accept invitations!
Don’t be shy to eat and drink as much as you like, many Greek hosts follow the saying “the food equals affection” i.e. the food is not good if you don’t eat it plenty. So you can actually turn out rude if you don’t have a rich meal. If you do not feel like eating much, it is best to visit in the afternoon at around five or six o’clock when you might be served a refreshing drink, sweets and some pastries.
Be sure to show how much you enjoy the meal and comment on the generosity of the host and hostess. If they have small children, it is customary that you bring a small gift for them, like some chocolate sweets, if it’s not a spontaneous invitation of course. Say a few words about their home, but do not comment any particular item e.g. a vase too much or you might end up receiving it as a gift — Mediterranean people have a very generous spirit .
Other that, just be yourself and open your heart to the Greek people as much as they open theirs for you as a guest. Feel free and enjoy the evening. A spontaneous Greek dinner in Santorini might actually turn out to be one of the highlights of your trip.

 Greek-table-tradicions-travelblog-caldera-view--2 Greek-table-tradicions-travelblog-caldera-view-

Photos by Anna Sulte photographer based on island of Santorini, Greece


Best Santorini restaurants to enjoy authentic Greek/Santorini food

Best Santorini restaurants to enjoy authentic Greek/Santorini food

            Food is a big part of any culture and Greece and Santorini in particular are no exception. Let me give you some quick tips on where to find the best restaurants that still serve mainly authentic, traditional Greek food typical of the Santorini region. Off course, all places serve something from the Greek cuisine, but these places specialize in these dishes. These are my three recommendations in no particular order:

Argo in Fira

Argo is located in the capital of Santorini — Fira — and it has been winning all sorts of awards for its splendid menu and picturesque location where you can dine and watch the sun set over the caldera. As a modern restaurant should, they can offer you meals from around the world, but they’re really well known for their local dishes – fava and patatina.

Aktaion Taverna

This traditional Greek tavern was opened in Firostefani more than 90 years ago and is still run by the same family. The third generation of the family has taken over and they still hold the traditional Greek tavern values dear. Their menu is as local as it gets – they only use ingredients grown on the island, and they make simple, yet very tasty dishes from them.


This restaurant in Oia operates in an authentic captain’s house from 1845. You can really escape the modern era there, as the majority of the interior details have been preserved. What’s more is that the menu offers great Greek and Mediterranean seafood!

So these restaurants might serve as a starting point. You would be surprised how many dining options are there on the island. Prepare your taste buds! :)

Are you interested to eat and have a great view? Please check my recent blog post – SANTORINI RESTAURANTS WITH A VIEW



Images by Anna Sulte Santorini photographer. 2015.